“We are a family club and don’t want to be seen to be promoting gambling.”


This is one of the common hurdles put forward by clubs, but, it’s a common interest between all parties.

Our aim is not to promote gambling to everyone. Our aim is to help clubs promote gambling to those associated with the club (fans, players, etc) who already gamble. Instead of gambling with their bookmaker of choice, our aim is to help you get these people gambling with you and helping the club.

We also have protocols in place so that minors can’t register to have accounts, and, we feature various pieces of advice to gamblers on the importance of responsible gambling, including contacts for advice services and tools to limit exposure.

Please see: www.gambleaware.co.uk/recognise-a-problem


So the club receives 20% of all profits?

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But your club WILL receive 20% of the bookies’ profits. We know that funding is very tight and revenue streams are hard to come by. Our aim is to help grow grass-roots sport. We want clubs to encourage those who like a flutter to migrate to their very own betting service – they will get the same great odds, but they will be supporting their club as well. Everyone benefits. Professional club registration offers are arranged on a club by club basis. We are happy to discuss this with you.

How long does it take to set this service up?

From the time you give us your logo and colours we will make the site available within minutes. It is then a matter of your website administrator adding  a hyperlink from your website to your own unique betting website. We will then be working with you to help you promote your new service.

What marketing will you provide to help my club grow its business?

Depending on your club setup, we can provide posters to put in the clubhouse or your meeting place, and also personalised business cards that the club can hand out to potential users of their betting service once the club has received at least 1 qualified registrations. Every club is different. We can discuss the individual needs of each club once signed with the myclubbetting.com service. Marketing materials usually take just a few days to produce.

How do I know how much we have generated and how is it paid?

Once your club betting site is set up and activated, you will be able to login to the affiliate portal at any time to see your up-to-the-minute revenues. The ‘pot’ resets at the end of every single month. After 1 month, we will provide you with a statement which shows the total sum of bets made within the previous month and any revenue payments due to the club based on the figures of each month end, and you will invoice us and we will pay out within 21 days of receipt of the invoice.

What happens if winnings exceed losses throughout the month? Who is liable?

If there is a loss at the end of the month (your users are winning too much!) the club will receive nothing and never ever have to pay anything, but the whole process will start again on the 1st of the month.

How frequently will we be paid?

Payment is monthly in arrears.

Who are supporters dealing with when they place a bet?

myclubbetting.com has arrangements with a fully licensed bookmaker FSB Technology (UK) Limited who are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. A club’s bettors will be dealing directly with them, opening an account with them, and placing bets with them. myclubbetting.com will be marketing the service with the club’s assistance and liaise with your club.

Who vets a supporter before they receive a betting account?

This is done by the bookmaker as part of their normal operations, as required by the terms of their betting license. This is known as the KYC procedure (know your client).

What constitutes a ‘sign-up/registration’?

A ‘qualified sign-up’ is an individual deemed to have successfully placed a bet of (or multiple bets totalling) £20 or more through the club’s betting site at odds of 1.8 (4/5) or greater. You can have as many bets as you like, as long as the total is £20 or more and of odds of 1.8 or greater.

How about gaming? Do you have a casino? Style service to complement the betting?

Yes we will in the very near future!

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