Responsible Gaming & Social Responsibility

FSBTechnology(UK)Ltd (FSB) and MYCLUBBETTING.COM Limited (MCB) prides itself on providing its customers with a first-class service and a responsible gaming environment. Whilst we want all of our clients to bet with responsibility and within their means, we acknowledge that the Service Provider also has a responsibility, as well as the service user, to ensure that the pastime of gambling does not become problem gambling. To this end we endeavour to put in place as many measures as possible to protect people who are vulnerable to gambling – be they underage, or have susceptibility to gambling problems.

FSB and MCB monitors customer responses to the measures implemented and will continue to re-assess and evaluate our policies on Social Responsibility and Responsible Gaming.

FSB and MCB provides customers with a range of options listed below to assist them gamble responsibly.

Under Age Gambling

It is against the law for those under 18 to gamble and FSB/MCB takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously, having various systems in place to aid in the prevention of under-age gambling. Symbols throughout our site indicate that gambling on our website is only permitted by those aged 18 or over and we reserve the right to ask for proof of age from any customer. Customer’s accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age, if required, is provided. The police will be contacted in the event of actual or potential underage gambling and no winnings will be paid on transactions, from any product, accepted from anyone under 18.

Every under-aged person who tries to create an account, or anyone who helps an under- aged person to create one, violates the General Rules and Conditions. You can follow the further steps to avert such phenomena:

You should not give to anyone your user name and password.

You should not have the “password reminder” activated in the connection page.

You should not give to anyone your credit card or bank account data or of any other method of payment.

Parental Controls

If you wish to monitor or restrict the use of your computer’s access to the internet, you can use one of the following third party applications:

Cybersitter filtering software allowing parents to add their own sites to block:

Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content:

Gaming Problem

There are many activities in relation to online gaming that could lead to a problem if there is no caution. Evidence of addiction is sometimes hard to detect and many times it is not related to money. Gaming may be just a symptom of a wider problem.

It is possible that a game may be a means through which someone tries to escape if he finds himself in a difficult situation. It is possible that the tendency to bet is subconscious and that he does not realize the possible consequences. In this case professional help is provided.

It is particularly important to deal with this kind of problem in time, before the practical implications become even more dangerous. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease are but there may be economical and social effects as well.

Fortunately, most of us bet without the gaming creating any kind of problem.


FSB/MCB offer a great range of services, which can help you if you believe that you are at risk of acquiring an addiction to gaming.

Every player has the choice to adapt the limits of his gaming according to how much he wants to gamble in the time period of one day/ one week/ one month, in order to budget his personal expenses in the FSB/MCB internet page. This service is offered because in the FSB/MCB team we believe that every game needs to offer fun and adrenaline and nothing more but also because FSB fully conforms with the UK licensing laws.

Every player can adjust his personal limits through his account: My account – Deposit limits. Through that option, the deposit limits are available for change at any time. We encourage you to consider the following precautions when you game with us:

Set a deposit limit

The deposit limits are part of the Responsible Gaming policy and can help you control the amount you spend. You can choose to apply a daily, weekly and monthly limit. Alternatively, you can choose a combination of these limits for further control. We suggest that the players set a limit to the amount they spend. You can do that by simply choosing the option ‘My account’ – Deposit Limits. If you request to decrease you deposit limit this will be carried out immediately. Any increase of the deposit limit is activated after 7 days.

Daily limits: Daily limits apply for a 24-hour period.

Weekly limits: Weekly limits apply for a 168-hour period (7 days). As with all the limits, the amount that was spent in the previous 7 days is taken into account.

Note: if you have already set a daily limit and you set a weekly limit smaller than the daily one, the latter will be cancelled and only the weekly will be valid. If the weekly deposit limit is, you will not be able to exceed the weekly limit.

If you set a maximum monthly deposit limit, any request for the increase of the limit will be completed successfully when 7 days pass. This occurs in order for you to have the time to make sure that you really want to increase your deposit limit. If you request to decrease the deposit limit, this will be held directly.

Control your expenses: Through your account you can see all the bets you have set and so it is easy to be informed of your movements and to determine if you bet safely or not.

Contact Costumer Service: All members of our customer service are trained to know the risks of excessive gaming. If you believe that you are at risk, you can ask for help and they will explain the measures you can take in FSB/MCB, in order to control the gaming and to be informed about the organisations that can help you. You can contact our customer service by sending an email to

Self-exclusion (closing the account temporarily or permanently): If you feel you are addicted to gambling, it would be wise to self-exclude permanently from any form of online as well as offline game. If you do not wish to continue gaming at FSB/MCB, you should contact the customer service department in and to request the deactivation of your account. In this case, once your permanent self-exclusion is activated, we assure you that you will not have the ability to reuse your account through a computer or a mobile phone device and you will not be able to create a new account.


If you believe you may have a problem with gambling, or know someone who does, we encourage you to seek help with the confidential organisations available to offer you the right support to help you combat the problem.

FSB Technology(UK)Ltd and MYCLUBBETTING.COM Ltd prides itself on providing its customers with a first-class service and a responsible gaming environment.


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